Why Work with Pengar Capital

Pengar Capital is a provider of exceptional financing solutions and options for organizations large and small. With over 20 years of experience, Pengar Capital fills the gap in the equipment financing industry by providing flexibility and creativity not found at your local banks and agencies.

Pengar Capital was created with the goal of providing options catered and customized to the client’s needs. Mike Richardson, EVP and founder of Pengar Capital, has expansive experience in the industry and felt a strong commitment to provide his customers with solutions to their funding needs. This commitment was the inspiration behind Pengar Capitals’ creation and remains its mission to this day.

Pengar Capital has expansive experience building commercial equipment finance platforms, creating credit policies and procedures for equipment finance departments, and managing business operations of all sizes. This experience allows Pengar to provide unmatched expertise, guidance, and solutions for clients of all sizes and industries.

Mike Richardson
EVP of Credit and Syndications

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Finance Creation 

Financial Engineering

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