Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is it equipment?
  2. Is the equipment essential to the business?
  3. Is it for an existing business? (i.e. not a startup)
  4. Is it in the USA or Canada?
  5. Is the need $50k or more (annual capital need)?
  6. Does the business have good cash flow or a strong balance sheet?
  7. Does the business have good credit history?
  1. Strong credit but low residual collateral
  2. Challenged credit but strong cash flow
  3. Strong balance sheet but low cash flow
  4. Young company with aggressive growth and cash flow growth
  5. Strong collateral but medium cash flow and okay balance sheet
  6. FF&E and other types of equipment that the banks won’t fund
  7. Aggressive growth opportunities where time to close is important
  8. Cash flow is important
  9. Traditional “B Paper” equipment projects
  10. Unique business models with strong credit and good cash flow
  1. A great capital source for flexible customized transactions in cash flow sensitive situations
  2. Experienced at building vendor specific equipment finance models
  3. Open to non-traditional equipment finance opportunities
  4. Also specialize in progress funding (i.e. when a lease requires periodic disbursements to vendors for a percentage of the equipment or work completed).
  1. You keep and manage your relationships and Pengar Capital does the financing.
  2. You make more money working with Pengar Capital than other equipment finance firms
  3. Pengar Capital has more experience with financial engineering and underwriting equipment than other companies
  4. Pengar offers loyalty, flexibility, customization, and a wide range of capital availability with a quick turn around
  1. $50K to $150MM per project funding
  2. Typical funding range of $500k to $20MM
  1. Once a complete application is received it typically takes two to three weeks to close
  2. More complex projects may take additional time
  1. Yes. Pengar Capital’s investors include alternative investment partners that allow for more flexibility for structure and young businesses.
  1. Yes, we provide the best rate possible given the project details and credit
  2. Pengar Capital specializes in cash flow leases that match a company’s needs
  1. FF&E
  2. Software
  3. Cannabis equipment
  4. Any equipment that is essential for your business
  1. Yes! We can help your business grow by giving you the edge of offering your customers in-house financing. Pengar can customize an in-house financing option for your customers so you can close more sales and take better care of your customers.

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